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March 2, 2019

Attorney Bratton Takes a Stand for Client Accused of Voting Fraud

The client was a 20 year old college student, who was indicted in the Strafford Superior Court and charged with Felony Voter Fraud, an offense that carried a maximum punishment of 3 1/2 to 7 years in state prison.  After conferences with the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office, and a settlement conference before a Superior Court Judge, Attorney Bratton was able to have the charge reduced to a Class A Misdemeanor, with all prison time suspended and a reduced fine.

Lowell Sun, March 2, 2019

Union Leader


January 30, 2013

Attorney Bratton Represents President Obama's Uncle

Framingham Police allege Mr. Obama ran a stop sign to a main road nearly striking a police cruiser. He was pulled over and failed several field sobriety tests.  At the police station his breathalyzer reading was 0.14.  He was charged with OUI Liquor, Failure to Yield and Negligent Operation.  He faced a possible one year loss of license on the OUI charge.  Attorney Bratton discovered the arresting officer had over a dozen car accidents while on duty with his police cruiser striking objects such as traffic signs, guardrails, other cars and a stone wall.  Attorney Bratton was able to negotiate a dismissal of the Failure to Yield and Negligent Operation charges and had the OUI charge continued without a finding for one year to be dismissed at that time.  Mr. Obama had his license revoked for forty-five days but after three days he received a twelve hour license to enable him to drive to work. 

Boston Globe

February, 2007

Bratton & Springer, LLP Win 2.5 Million for Client in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

On February 14, 2007, a heavy snow storm moved through the Northeast, lasting much of the evening and stopping around midnight.  The following morning on February 15, 2007, prior to 7:00 a.m., the Plaintiff, a twenty-seven year old nursing student was the operator of a vehicle traveling south in the right lane of Route 93, in the vicinity of Exit 4, in the State of New Hampshire.  Her six year old son was properly restrained in a child seat in the rear of her vehicle.  The Defendant was a long distance hauling company from Quebec, Canada, operating a tractor trailer with an attached flatbed loaded with palettes of plywood.  As the Defendant attempted to pass the Plaintiff his truck began to jack-knife, dragging the Plaintiff’s vehicle along the roadway and guardrail a distance of approximately two football fields.  As a result of the impact the Plaintiff suffered various injuries including a fracture of her right femur and hip, incurring approximately $100,000.00 in medical bills.  Her son was tragically killed in the loss.

Bratton & Springer filed a lawsuit against the Defendant, asserting that he was negligent in the operation of his tractor trailer and his employer was vicariously liable.  A litany of experts was retained to further support the case for trial.  The Defendant contended that he was not negligent in the operation of his tractor trailer. Moreover, the Defendant argued that the State of New Hampshire and the Department of Transportation were negligent in the maintenance of the subject roadway in failing to properly sand and salt.  The Defendant subsequently filed a third party complaint against the State of New Hampshire. Throughout the handling, the Defendant, through its insurance company, made offers only as high as $700,000.00 to resolve the case amicably.

Three weeks prior to trial at a non-binding mediation before the Honorable Robert Morrill, Bratton and Springer successfully obtained a settlement for their client in the sum of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.

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