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Bratton & Springer, LLP is a regional law firm with an office in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Members of our legal team are licensed in all courts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the Federal System.


We offer reliable advice, representation in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines, and peace of mind for our clients. Learn more about the legal practice and its fields of focus.



What Makes Our Legal Services Outstanding


Time is critical when you need a lawyer to protect your rights now.  If you delay, you may lose. The best defense is an aggressive professional offense.  If you’ve been injured or charged with a crime, the other side has lawyers working against you, now, even as you read this.


Contact us now and check out our winning track record on this website.  We act immediately to level the playing field and put the ball back in your court, giving you control of the critical decisions in your case and your future.  




About our Legal Practice

Who We Are


Trial Attorney P. Scott Bratton and our team of professionals have fought to win hundreds of criminal cases, and obtained millions of dollars for accident victims, for over twenty-five years in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


The Legal Team

What We Offer


Comprehensive representation in the fields of personal injury and criminal law, as well as other more specialized practices.  Learn more about us below.