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P. Scott Bratton, Esq.

Senior Partner



  • Criminal law
  • Personal Injury


Founding partner, P. Scott Bratton graduated from the University of Lowell and received his law degree with honors from Suffolk Law School in Boston.  With over 25 years of practice, Attorney Bratton has successfully represented hundreds of people charged with crimes ranging from drunk driving to homicide in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  He went to trial and won the first homicide case televised nationally by Court TV in the early 1990’s.  He has received acquittals in many other high-profile cases featured in the National, Massachusetts and New Hampshire media.  He has also won several seven figure jury verdicts and settlements for injury victims, as well as representing businesses and individuals in personal litigation and lawsuits.


Attorney Bratton has tried hundreds of jury trials achieving excellent results for people charged with crimes and injured in accidents.  As a new lawyer in 1987, Attorney Bratton successfully advocated before the United States Supreme Court in Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Couture (407 Mass. 178, 1990), cert denied, a precedent setting constitutional case which was won in the Lowell District Court and then upheld by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and then the United States Supreme Court.  In 2002, Attorney Bratton argued and won a highly publicized constitutional case before the New Hampshire Supreme Court (Case No. 2002-0336), affirming the First Amendment rights of a prominent international motorcycle club.  The case received Boston, New Hampshire, and national press coverage including being featured on National Public Radio.


He has procured several multi-million-dollar settlements for clients involved in tractor trailer crashes, one resulting in the death of child in New Hampshire in 2008.  In 2011, he defended a relative of the President of the United States for an OUI charge in Massachusetts resulting in no conviction. 


In 2018, Attorney Bratton successfully defended a New Hampshire college student who erroneously voted twice in the Presidential Election in 2016.  In 2019, Attorney Bratton reached a six-figure settlement against a doctor who was accused of sexually abusing a patient.


Recently in 2020, Attorney Bratton recovered a six-figure settlement against a top Hollywood pop star from Los Angeles, for breach of contract and defamation of Attorney Bratton’s client, a concert promoter in Montreal. 


Attorney Bratton is available for free consultation in all legal matters, and is a member of the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Federal Bars.

Scott D. Springer, Esq.

Senior Partner



  • Personal Injury Law


Senior Partner, Scott David Springer, graduated from Hobart and William Smith College in Geneva, New York, and received his law degree from the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Massachusetts.  He has handled personal injury claims both for defendants and injured plaintiffs since 1989.  


He excelled as an insurance industry claims adjuster rising to the prestigious managerial claims position for several insurance companies within the Commonwealth, including The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, The Safety Insurance Company, The Sedjwick and James Insurance Company, The Commerce Insurance Company, The Worcester Insurance Company, and the Stop and Shop, Self-Insured Fund.  Mr. Springer is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association.  


He has successfully settled thousands of personal injury claims netting six figure awards, winning millions of dollars for people who were injured in accidents.

Jennifer Searles

Office Manager


Firm paralegal, Jennifer Searles, also serves as the office manager for Bratton & Springer.  She is a graduate of Lowell High School and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and joined the firm in 2002.  She can connect you with one of our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys when you call needing legal advice.

Bratton & Springer also employ a team of highly skilled private investigators with law enforcement experience as well as forensic physicians and medical experts, accident reconstructionists and forensic photographers.