Bratton & Springer, LLP
Bratton & Springer, LLP  

Areas of Practice

Bratton & Springer, LLP is a full service law firm concentrating in helping people injured in automobile accidents and other unexpected events, including traumatic falls and dog bites, and defending people accused of crimes.

Our Specializations

Personal Injury


  •       Automobile Accidents
  •       Slip and Fall Injuries
  •       Dog Bite Injuries
  •       Wrongful Death
  •       Medical Malpractice
  •       Products Liability

Criminal Defense

  •       Drunk Driving
  •       Motor Vehicle Offenses
  •       Assault and Battery
  •       Drug Possession
  •       Homicide
  •       Firearms and Weapons Offenses
  •       Domestic Assaults
  •      Registry of Motor Vehicle Hearings

Other Legal Fields

We will gladly represent you in cases regarding:

  •  Real estate law
  •  Commercial litigation
  •  Employment law
  •  Estate planning and probate administration

Do you have questions about our services?

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